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About us

Story of the farm

It was in 1975 that we discovered the Canadian horse. He was involved with the Canadian Horse Breeders' Society as a director. Ranch-L is the herd name of my father. While he works hard to make his name has a breeder, I am studying in agricultural management at the Cégep de St-Hyacinthe. I move in a farm a few kilometers away and start slowly my own nerd. I work on the farm with my father and also have an outside job. No need to lie in the breeding business, it takes another income to survive.

In 2001, my father dies suddenly, and decisions have to be made. My mother and I decided to take over the farm. Ranch-L becomes Ferme Litjens. So, I now have to work full time on the farm.

I find myself alone for the work in the field, the maintenance of buildings and parks. It is financially impossible to hire and employee.

My mother, Colette, feeds the horses on the main farm and helps me with horse care. We have the help of family and friends for the unloading of hay and various repairs. We are very grateful for the help we received.


Today, my mother is slowly retiring.

My spouse gives me a hand after her day of work at the town hall and on weekends. Horse care, feeding, breeding season for our mares and  outside mares, socialization of babies, hay season, social networks and paperwork... our days end long after sunset. Not to mention the agricultural exhibition season that adds work to the plate. We present our subjects at exhibitions in halter classes. More work, but it gives us visibility with our customers and future customers. Again, we couldn't do it without the help of family and friends.

I follow in my father's footsteps and get involved as a director at the SECC (Canadian Horse Breeder’s Society) which I have been a life member for over 30 years.


The passion of the Canadian horse, the dedication to the breed and the desire to offer quality horses keeps the passion alive.

Ferme Litjens is 10 stallions and more than forty mares divided into 2 herds, on 2 farms.

Our philosophy

  • Conformation, temperament and genetics are the priority of our breeding program

  • The horse must live a horse’s life. The herd of mares lives outdoors all year round, walking on 60 hectares of pasture and woodland.

  • We monitor foaling closely but try to intervene as little as possible. We give the mare and the little one time to bond together. With all the births planned for 2022 we decided to invest in a camera system in the foaling stalls. (Thank you Robert flamez for your advice and installation.)

  • After a few days, the mare and her cub return to the field with 2 or 3 other broodmares with their young. They are raised in groups and are in large parks with forest, streams and pastures.

The founders


John et Colette Litjens

The successors


Normand Litjens

Stallion handler,

farm manager


Linda Flamez

Social networks and accounting.

We would like to thank all the people who offer us their time. All those who help us or have helped us through the years to make the Litjens farm what it is.

  • Chantal Courschesne

  • Raymond Chalifoux

  • Valérie et Joanie Bonneau

  • Normand Plouffe

  • Sébastien Boutin

  • Simon Fortin

  • Sylvain Litjens

  • William Litjens

  • Nathalie & J.-F. Croteau

  • Thérèse & Normand Croteau

  • Line Boisvert

  • Alexandra Croteau

  • Réal Lemay, Josiane Lemay

  • Bob Barsalou

  • Bastien Péchard

  • Georges Galipeau 

  • Robert Litjens & Sylvie Poulin

  • Lynn Lalancette

  • Jean-Noel Barriault

  • Normand Rouette

  • Marie-Josée Proulx 

  • Kelly-Anne Proulx Pagé

  • Esther Boisvert            

  • Élizabeth Litjens

  • Linda Flamez

  • Glenn Guthrie

  • Gael LeFustec

  • Thomas Lefustec-Litjens

  •  B.J Guthrie

  •  Roland Marchessault

  •  Richard Rosetti

  • Julie Flamez, Angie & Sofia

  • Nicole Flamez, Pierre & Chloé 

  • Gessica Couture, Charles Camirand 

  • Thomas Couture, Amélia Morin

  • Susanne Wenning & Rigo Flamez

  • Robert Flamez

  • Martin Côté

  • Matthew Grenia

  • Roxanne Hébert

  • Mathieu Day

  • Mathilda Robinson

  • Coralie Cléroux

  • Dylan Marchand

  • Germain Poirier

  • Johanne Laverdière                                                                                                       

Hoping we haven't forgotten anyone!

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